Clouds from the Air

Get a big picture view.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that a common problem for companies when developing new brands or rebranding existing ones is the tendency to focus only on what the company wants to communicate. This is classically expressed in the industry’s own terminology, “B2C” or “B2B.” Instead, what if we thought of our identities as “B4C” or “B4B”– brands for consumers and brands for businesses?

To help ascertain what an audience is looking for from a brand, I’m a big believer in getting data about branding decisions whenever possible. Whether there’s a large budget for consumer research or no budget at all, it’s always possible to get useful feedback from prospective and current customers about brand attributes, tone of voice, iconography, colors, fonts, and other key branding elements.

Here are a few short overviews about some consumer brands I worked on. The first two were completely new; the other represents preliminary developments for a rebranding exercise.