Esurance – Stretch the Spot

Erin Esurance

Erin, the not-so-secret insurance agent

For Esurance’s initial foray into television advertising in 2004, the company faced a few hurdles common to challenger brands: low budget, no name recognition, big competition.

Using fan sites popular with the company’s Internet-savvy, youthful target for inspiration, I came up with the idea for an animated brand icon, Erin Esurance. The first :30 TV commercial featuring Erin Esurance kicks off my reel.

40 TV spots, dozens of online videos, and numerous branded entertainment pieces later, Erin Esurance sold a lot of auto insurance and became an Internet meme in her own right– a particularly gratifying experience for me as a creative brand builder.


Technical Note: To avoid crashing your computer or phone, my Esurance reel is squished to a size that’s viewable but perhaps not as crisp as it could be. If you want something crispier, please get in touch.