Lenta – Brand Stories

Lenta_Logo3The most essential thing for any brand is to tell its story, conveying the essence of brand personality in every line of copy. In an age when few of us read large blocks of text, particularly online, each piece of content– whether a short tagline, a Google ad, or a longer product description– needs to tell a compelling tale.


Lovely wares from Lenta featured at a local market pop-up

The founder and creative director of Lenta Decor, an online home furnishings site, approached me to help her transform the product descriptions on Lenta from basic details to something more evocative, showcasing her love of travel alongside her devotion to craftsmanship. Granted, when dealing with products as lovingly curated as the ones on Lenta, telling amazing stories about pillows from Provence or candles made in Cornwall comes fairly naturally.

Not only did using more expressive, descriptive language in the product descriptions help create a mood, but also, this made it easier to incorporate SEO-friendly keywords very naturally into content.