Outdoor – Transit Shelter Poster

I was the creative director for the out-of-home campaign you see here. Shown on public transit vehicles and in various transit hubs in several U.S. markets, the outdoor campaign increased brand awareness everywhere it appeared. This outdoor campaign also garnered a Silver Communicator award for Best Outdoor Campaign from the International Academy of the Visual Arts.

Outdoor – Poster for Light Rail

With the task of creating eye-catching concepts for bus sides, transit shelters, and billboards, I focused the entire campaign on motion. Using one of the tags I created (“If you’re on the go, you’ve gotta have Esurance.”) as the central idea and only copy, I focused imagery on the brand icon’s being active, a value shared by the target.

The art director interpreted all this beautifully, resulting in work whose intense hues, dynamic shapes, and arresting movement grabbed a lot of eyeballs.

Outdoor – Bus Side

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