IAB – Educate & Amuse

IAB_Video_ShotDigital literacy is one of the things we, as a society, need to focus far more of our energies on. As the trade body for digital advertising in the UK, the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) is in a unique position to do something about that. In conjunction with Media Smart, an industry initiative to help young people understand the ins and outs of our media age, the IAB’s policy team commissioned a video to showcase how advertising works online.

The video needed to communicate a few key lessons identified by educators working with Media Smart. It also needed to be approachable and fun for a very diverse audience: kids, teachers, and parents. I wrote the script for the video, entitled “How to Avoid Brussel Sprout Milkshakes.” Have a look and spread the word: What does the ad say? (IAB digital literacy video)

Fore more information on this digital advertising literacy project, please read more about it here on the IAB’s web site.